People First

Social media is just that, social.

Everybody is somebody when it comes to social media.

Yeah, but what does that all mean?

Before you get overwhelmed thinking your accounts are going to get sucked into the black hole of online oblivion, I can help by developing a social media strategy that is active instead of reactive, strategic instead of tactical.

Let them never forget you! People never forget how you make them feel.

I can help you be remembered...

I work with entrepreneurs and business leaders to build their industry influence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. Pinterest and Clubhouse. I do advise on Tik Tok in some situations.


My goal is to connect with you and find your brand essence that brings integrity to your social media platforms that attract your tribe, your target market.

I bring your authentic brand essence into everything I create if that is writing a social post to engage your customers, crafting your core offer, your webinar, consulting one-on-one, or developing your social media strategy.


Social is a delivery device to build your email list.  I can craft email sequences that build your email list and get people to stay and respond to your call to action to download your freebie, join your newsletter or purchase your product.  It's always about building relationships.

I develop your social media assets that convert your core offer, using paid ads, through your marketing funnel into clients while also building rapport for future sales. I bring all the parts together so that the social media platforms are leveraged for ROI.